Thursday, December 4, 2008

Solar homes in Las Vegas, why had a builder not done that before? That is what the team of Concordia wondered in September 2007. Knowing absoluting nothing about solar and how it would work, how to sell it and the benefits the journey started. The meeting with GE, the new Ecomagination partnership with builders build a better home that was environmentally friendly. A great idea partner with a major US company and bring solar homes to the Las Vegas market. The learning curve was steep and long however we did not have a lot of time to learn. The process itself is pretty simple, install panels on the roof and connect to the inverter and your home is generating its own power. However nothing is easy as it seems. City Inspector interrupted the building code on way and the builder, electrician and GE another way. After serveral meetings and position papers the City saw the light. The utility company did not have a program in place assist a production builder with a solar program, the hurdles were numerous but we overcame the hurdles and the models were ready for the grand opening.

The "opening fair" was great a bright sunny day in Las Vegas. A couple hundred people showed up to tour Las Vegas first solar home community. The event was a great success.

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